The Anime Jukebox #1:「Let Me Hear」by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Hi everyone. This is my new series aptly titled The Anime Jukebox. There isn’t any fixed schedule for this series but I want to post often! It was originally called ‘Anijubo’ but since I want to avoid confusion with my blog name I decided to go with the longer version. It’s amazing, right?

Before watching Parasyte (the anime from which I first heard this song) I had never heard of this band before. Many listens and a few Google searches later I finally came across the name of the band: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas. Odd name and strange grammar use aside, this is a perfect example of the punk energy that Japanese bands can give you.

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

It opens with a very catchy beat and auto-tuned voices that you may/may not be a fan of. The guitar and drums have a nice energy to them, and the song only gets more faster and energetic. The mix of electronica, guitar and the fast-paced drums really do make for an addictive song (at least, to my ears). I really like the auto-tuned vocals in particular — youthful and raw at the same time. When the typical hardcore screaming comes in some of you may be turned off, and indeed maybe the song could have done without it. The singer’s screams do sound a bit brash to me, so I can’t say that I agree with them. Perhaps the mixer could have reduced the volume of those screams, or used some sort of equaliser to reduce its harshness?

All things said though, I must commend this song for adeptly matching the anime that it’s used for. I should actually be thanking the person who chose the song to be used for Parasyte, but I’ll thank the band anyway for making the song. This was one of the few songs that I actually watched each time I started an episode. It was that good! Just don’t burst your eardrums out playing it on repeat.

On a side note, I scheduled a post for tomorrow. Look out for that! It’s not to do with anime though, so you might be taken aback or surprised.