The Worst Hairstyles In Anime Fashion

It doesn’t get any worse than some of these anime hairstyles. Don’t get me wrong, they’re cool and all, but heck I don’t even think some of these haircuts are even possible to have in real life without using a crap-ton of wax, gel and hairspray. No scratch that – most of them are flat out impossible. I’ll just stop talking now and let the pictures paint the words in your mind… (Disagree with me? Let’s take this argument to the comments!)

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My Five Favourite Anime of 2014

Hey everyone! I know this post is a little late because we’re almost a month into 2015, but I thought I’d give a list of my favourite anime shows from 2014. There were lots of outstanding shows last year and I haven’t seen all of them so chances are that one of your favourite shows might not be on this list. Sorry! I’d like to hear what shows you enjoyed though so if you like, feel free to leave a comment!

For the record, I’ve only included anime that started airing in 2014, which means that means that shows like Nagi no Asukara can’t be included. So without further ado, here’s the list of my top five favourite anime of 2014.

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