Moving Forward

Hi everyone!

It has been a long time — a long, long time — since you last heard from me. Three months to be exact. That’s ages in the blogging world where consistency and a tight schedule are what keep viewership high and drive traffic (hey, didn’t I just sound really smart just then?). I’d not be too surprised if I lost a few followers since the time I last posted. Not that it matters. To me, blogging was a way of sharing with a community and writing about what I want. 😀

The reason why I haven’t been posting for these past few months is because a lot of things have sprung up into my life, all at the same time. I’ll refrain from delving too deeply into my own life problems (not that it matters to anyone really, since this is an anime blog and not a sob story blog), but I just couldn’t cope from the stress that resulted from these events occurring at a time that couldn’t really be worse for me. I had my first death experience in late June, and that was the catalyst which brought the culmination of a lot of pent up stress that has been inside of me for years. I sort of just crashed for a while, listening to mostly metal / screamo music in my room. I’m not an emo though, I just enjoy a wide variety of music. Hehe.

Anyhow, these three months of not blogging (and being depressed, lol) have given me time to reflect and reevaluate my priorities in life. Thus I’ve come to the painful decision to stop this blog, effective immediately. I realise that I’ve lost the motivation to continue blogging, perhaps due to my long break and the fact that I am still a bit unhappy and depressed with my life. I want to get my learner’s license, and I also want to learn a language, study for my final years of high school and become, in general, more mature. Those are some pretty big goals for me, and I can’t focus on those and write a blog at the same time. Only now do I realise that blogging is a serious, deep commitment that you shouldn’t take lightly. I guess that just shows my naivety when I started this blog, and how I am really just a failure at blogging, both in the quality of content I provide as well as my reliability when it comes to posting.

I’d like to thank all my fans and followers who I will cherish deeply. I know it was a short journey, but it was a journey nonetheless. Thank you all for sticking with me despite my somewhat ‘noobish’ blogging skills. I’m not a great writer, but I appreciate all the positive comments I’ve gotten on my reviews and posts.

Lastly, I’d like to extend a very warm thanks to all the anime blogger friends I’ve made. I had no idea that the anime community was as strong as it was on WordPress, and it was an amazing experience not only to make new friends but also to be nominated for so many awards, as well as having received recognition from bloggers that I could not possibly hope to match. Miharrusshi, ArriaCross, Frog-kun and many others (those on Twitter whom I have lost contact with having deleted my account) are all great people who are fun to talk to. If anyone wants to, I am always open to stay in touch and I still get comments on this blog redirected to my email (lol, mainly because I am secretly wondering if someday I’ll find something interesting written, or perhaps hate comments idk).

There is nothing else for me to say really. It’s sad that it has to come to this, but at least now you can rest easy knowing there is some conclusion to my blog, whereas Madhouse can’t seem to end their shows properly *cough* No Game No Life, Btooom! *cough*. Also, I’m looking at you Bones for another Darker than Black season, Studio Feel you need to continue My Youth Romantic Comedy (my current fav. anime of 2015 so far), and please KyoAni please continue the great Suzumiya Haruhi series! Why’d ya stop in the first place? The list of anime that need another season could go on but I’ve been rambling enough.

Until next time (which will probably never come since I might just change my pseudonym),

Winston (aka. Winny, which is what my friends call me. Basically, anyone who reads this blog is my friend haha)


3 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Aww, well i good luck in life then =)
    If you need someone to annonmously talk to about yours problems you can email me. I won’t help cuz i suck and i barely know you, but some people needs others to just listen.


  2. Good luck man. I hope you get your learners with ease, pass your final year of high school and learn a new language. It will be sad to see you go, because you wrote some great articles. I hope that you return one day when you feel you want to. Thanks for all the fun


  3. Hey, Winny! How are you?

    I can’t believe I just missed this post, along with my general inactivity in blogging and reading others’ blogs.

    Also, I’m sorry to hear about your first death experience. 😦 As you already know I, too, lost someone important and very close to me (for the second time) last year and couldn’t quite cope with it–thus, my depression worsened. I’m just an email away if you ever want to talk about anything! I honestly miss talking with you~

    To be honest, I’m sad to see you go, but I respect your decision since it’s what you thought would be best for you. I deeply wish for your good health and personal/inward success in your life!


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