My Stance On Green Tea — Fad or Beneficial?

Green Tea — Is It Good or Bad? ¹

Is green tea good for you? You’ve probably heard of the ‘claimed’ health benefits you get from drinking it, but can you really trust a bunch of researchers? Having been drinking it for almost a year now, I decided to change my blog up a bit and write about my experience with the stuff, and hopefully I can convince you to start drinking this more often.

I’m sure that most of you are more familiar with black tea (eg. English Breakfast) than their green leafy counterparts and I don’t blame you. That’s because green tea is more widely consumed in Asia. Perhaps Western countries also prefer a more stronger taste which might contribute to why it’s not as popular as black tea. Still, it’s managing to catch on. I have been a tea drinker since fourth grade. Years later I switched to coffee but, upon discovering that I hated the withdrawal symptoms, I asked myself: “Hey, dude, why not try green tea?” Thus begun my journey. That was around eight months ago, and I’ve begun to notice some benefits already!

My Pimples Have Gone Down!

This is an accurate representation of yours truly. ²

The first improvement I noticed was that my pimples decreased. I feel a bit embarrassed to mention that, but it’s true! My skin is less oily, there are less spots, and it’s overall just a lot cleaner. The difference wasn’t drastic, so you won’t rock up with all of your pimple problems gone the next day. That said, it was enough to be noticeable, so you can finally take selfies safely without editing the crap out of it (just joking — be happy with who you are). It’s not magic, but it’s a pretty healthy and organic option if you have pimple problems. It doesn’t dry out your skin like some artificial creams!

You Just Generally Feel Better

This could be you. ³

The other thing I’ve noticed, and I don’t know if it’s placebo or whatnot, is that I feel better when I drink it. Every day before school I drink some and that’s what gets me through the day. Coffee used to fill in that gap, but I found that it would spike up at around 11am and then I’d feel like (I’ll be blunt) shit. So you might imagine how happy I was when I found that green tea was able to give me enough of a boost without being overbearing. Plus it’s healthy — no sugar needed and the caffeine doesn’t get you all giddy. Green tea is a great choice for those of you who wish to get rid of coffee altogether. I know how hard it is to get off caffeine. Green tea contains lesser amounts than coffee so it should satisfy your brain’s dopamine receptors to some degree, and it reduces the withdrawal symptoms of coffee until they’re gone!

Like Water, With Benefits

One of the healthiest drinks you can, well, drink. ⁴

Lastly, if anything, you’ll get tastier water. If you find yourself drinking lots of soft drinks and juices, then why not substitute some of that for a cup of green tea? It’s warm and inviting, tastes good, and you get the benefits of antioxidants among other things. Plus, if you hate milk like me, then feel assure that no one drinks green tea with milk. Just keep in mind that it may be an acquired taste. The flavour is more mild in comparison to black tea, which is more full-bodied. If you like tea with milk then I think you may avoid green tea!

In conclusion…

To sum this all up, all I can say is that you have nothing to lose by drinking green tea. These are just what I’ve noticed in the past 8 months, but the range of benefits are pretty large. Weight loss, cancer prevention, less risk of Alzheimer’s and other diseases are a few of the other significant ‘claims’ made for green tea. I must stress that there’s not a lot proven, just heaps of research data with often conflicting results. Oh well — I know it works for me, and I don’t care about the rest that much (since I don’t have any of the aforementioned problems). So I say to you: drink up!

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10 thoughts on “My Stance On Green Tea — Fad or Beneficial?

  1. I really like tea. I drink both tea and coffee. Though I only drink ice coffee, not warm coffee. So for green tea, what brand do you drink or recommend is really good?


    • Hm, it’s a bit complicated since there are so many varieties! I first started drinking Madura green tea bags which you can find from Coles. That might be a good start 🙂 In keeping with the theme of my blog (which is anime) I’d recommend you try some Japanese teas like sencha or, more interestingly, genmaicha (roasted rice tea). You can find those in Asian grocery stores in tea bags or loose leaf. I also enjoy Chinese / Indian though, so it’s largely a matter of taste.


  2. I’ve been drinking Green Tea for a few months now, after spotting someone at work having a cuppa. I can’t say that I feel any healthier, but I’ll keep drinking it because I have gone off regular tea.


    • I see. I also hear that regular black tea has health benefits, just less than green tea. Makes sense, since they are from the same plant (it’s just that green tea is less processed).

      I’m wondering, what type of green tea do you prefer to drink?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been lately switching my constant coffees to herbal teas, haven’t had green tea but i’ll give it a go.


  4. What? You hate milk? Why oh why? May I know why? ((Just curious because I love milk and it’s probably my favorite drink other than water))

    I’m not a coffee drinker because coffee doesn’t do anything to me at all. If I want to stay awake at night and drink coffee to help me not fall asleep, I don’t get the desired result. Maybe I have high tolerance for caffeine or something? Ugh, so yeah, I don’t drink coffee when I think I need it. I only drink it when I miss its taste (or just the overall feeling of drinking a hot drink)… which does’t happen that much.

    Now for green tea, they’re usually a lot more expensive than coffee here (note: instant coffee, I forgot to type that down in the text above) so I don’t buy nor drink it. BUT I’ve always wanted to. Not that I always have spare money for that, given that I don’t even spend much of my own money on food.


    • Hm, I just don’t like the flavour of milk. It doesn’t sit too well with me for some reason. I can have it in coffee and things like that. But drinking it by itself or having it with cereal — brr! Must be just me (taste buds wired differently XD).

      It’s interesting that green tea is so expensive where you are. Perhaps it costs a lot to import to your area? Although green tea, in general, does cost more than the average black tea. Are you going to an Asian grocery or supermarket? What sort of prices are we talking about here? o_O

      Strange how you don’t get the caffeine effects of coffee. You don’t feel slightly jittery or anything? Ah well I suppose it’s a good thing since you won’t get the (terrible) withdrawal symptoms.

      You really should try green tea though :O


      • Yep. Green tea is not a common drink here. Legit tea, in general, is not even the fad though a lot of people drink iced tea, which comes in instant juice mix, if that counts. We’re still hugely a coffee country, given that we really have coffee farms here.

        I’ll get to try tea, eventually.


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