I’ve Changed My Blog Name (Reasons Below)

What’s up (the ceiling, obviously)! Notice anything different? Okay well maybe you don’t but I’ll just say it anyway. The blog name that I previously used is no longer. Yup — forget all about The Mystic Otaku and start remembering Anijubo. This marks the third time I’ve changed my name, and it’s the most dramatic change I’ve done, if a name change can be dramatic. Let me explain.

I know you all hate these changes, so I must apologise first. Anyway, here’s the reason why I decided to change the blog name. I found that saying The Mystic Otaku, which is six syllables, far too long and time consuming. By changing it to Anijubo, I’ve shortened the length by two syllables. Just think about that for a second.

That saves a massive seven characters of writing (nine if you include the spaces needed for ‘The Mystic Otaku’) and a modest two syllables of pronunciation. Let’s assume that each time you said ‘The Mystic Otaku’ in your mind you spent around 1.5 seconds actually saying the word. If each syllable takes around the same amount of time to pronounce, then by reducing the amount by 33% it saves you 0.5 seconds of time. Add that up and you’ll eventually reach a few minutes — that’s enough to make some coffee or brew some instant noodles in a cup. Let that sink in.

If you’ve made it this far I’m sure you would have realised how full of crap I am. In reality, I just changed my name because I liked the sound of Anijubo. Only after did I realise how many benefits it had, so I decided to actually do it.

Proud of me?


6 thoughts on “I’ve Changed My Blog Name (Reasons Below)

  1. And here I thought it was something pretty serious. XD But where does Anijubo come from? Haven’t heard it before, unless you certainly made that up yourself.


    • Sorry to disappoint (haha). I’m just really sporadic.
      Actually Anijubo is an acronym I created for what was going to be a weekly series. It stands for Anime Jukebox, hence Anijubo. Upon realizing that I didn’t have enough time for a weekly series I found the name to sound rather pleasing so I decided to recycle it for my blog’s name.

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  2. The home link takes you to the old blog. Just letting you know in case it can be fixed.


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