Breaking News: NerveGear Is Available Now in Japan!

Note: Actual product may vastly differ in appearance.

Oh my gosh, I’ve waited years for this. Years I say – ever since 2012. Now after all this time, it’s finally become a reality. Remember way back when Sword Art Online was first unleashed upon the world in anime form, and fanboys all over the world gathered their smart-ass brains together to wish upon a shooting star for a miracle¹? Now, everyone, rejoice! The miracle has come! Introducing the newest and greatest invention to come out of Japan since 2012, the NerveGear 2K15 Model X69, codenamed “L-O-L-I-C-O-N”. This is not² a joke, and if you read until the end you’ll find out why.

Press Release Below


Using state-of-the-art advanced technology, the TMO Corporation has succeeded in creating the world’s first³ virtual reality headset that transports you into the world of Sword Art Online.

The large 5″ panel display is curved just like Samsung’s phones using technology from years ago! It has a resolution of 480 x 800, just like the phones that were made in 2010! The comfortable frame of the headset utilizes patent-pending OppaiSoft⁴ cushioning material to make sure that you feel at ease when playing on the screen that has induced sickness in 100% of our beta testers.

It really does make you feel sick.

We’ve also included an in-built eye scanner so that you never have to press any buttons! We’ve also licensed Apple’s secret technologies to make sure that your experience is, excuse the pun, quite delicious. Additionally, we’ve also included Apple stickers inside to maximize both consumer satisfaction and profit margins, as studies show that anything related to Apple will instantly make consumers fork out more cash.

Where to buy

As of right now, there is only one of these headsets in existence. Yes, one! It’s located somewhere in the world, probably in Japan, maybe not. Actually the developer lost the only copy that we had, so we have no idea where it is. Probably in some pawn shop though. So shop around, because you might get lucky!


Once we recover the lost model so that we can mass-produce these (unfortunately we lost the blueprints too), the starting price will be at a staggering low AU$6666.66. Just for comparisons sake, most other virtual reality headsets are around 6 times cheaper, yet offer a lot better specifications, minus the OppaiSoft patent-pending technology.

We look forward to getting these on the market soon. Hopefully in a few decades, after I graduate from university and get a halfway decent job.

Thank you, gullible consumers!

Anonymous CEO and the waifu of this blog’s author (no idea who she is, don’t ask).

The TMO Corporation

End of press release
1 / 4 / 2015
(a.k.a - April Fool's Day)


¹ Note: This never happened.

² It’s April Fool’s. Of course it’s a joke…

³ No, we were beaten by a few other companies.

⁴ Unfortunately our patent was denied.



23 thoughts on “Breaking News: NerveGear Is Available Now in Japan!

  1. I was so happy omg and then I read ‘April Fools’ xDD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So obvious,
    I didn’t hear anything about spinal neural scanning which is theoretically the easiest way to make a real never gear were actually quite close to neural scanning tech use in the nerve gear


  3. try to check edu.mrmo cause the existense of the nerve gear had finished to the 4th level and 6 helmets seceed to connect individualy to SAO or Sword art Online only 6 levels left to provide the real outmost nerve gear just wait it will be done soon comment who want to be a tester .. ONLY an IT gratitude and experienced only.


    • i like to be part of the Beta tester if its okie 🙂 im actually an IT student and also want an awesome experience in gaming 🙂


  4. Owwwhh..!! :-/ hummpp.. Awwwww i want nerve gear …make it please ..


  5. Suck my big black ****** fuck your joke


  6. wait so this is a joke you got to be joking I want this so bad I want to be sick in a game damn I am weird AF


  7. They keep it hidden it cause damage of brain if they intruducr this in public


  8. People like you are the people i want to shoot. Just fyi. And in case people are wondering the nerve gear is a lot closer than people think. 20 years max. 5 years soonest. I’ve spent so much time researching this stuff. From neuroscience to code to computer engineering. They can already control characters in games like world of Warcraft using only their mind, which is a big step to transferring brain waves into code, which is the hardest part, Japan already has a nerve gear in testing but unfortunately it does not put you completely in the game yet, They are using goggles as well as a helmet, but it’s a big step. They have been able to control a lot of things with their minds, from games, to robotic arms. Which like I said is the hardest part, after they can accurately read and understand brain waves and turn them into code the rest will be a sinch. Hope this helped some people out


    • I believe you, although, it will not be easy to maneuver brain waves to manipulate code, but the nerve gear will become a reality in 2022!


  9. i don”t know when it will release but i a looking froward to buying it so please release it sooner so ever one can play it


  10. Sigh, I saw April fools and my everything went down the drain. Just a few more years though…


  11. Actuall, this could actually happen, using state of the art technology, the world of SAO will become a reality, but is not going to be easy. Scientists have rounded it up to where it will come out in 2022.


  12. Do not do this again, not funny, and it is January dumbass!


  13. Um we are close to acutely getting the full five do your homework.


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