The Worst Hairstyles In Anime Fashion

It doesn’t get any worse than some of these anime hairstyles. Don’t get me wrong, they’re cool and all, but heck I don’t even think some of these haircuts are even possible to have in real life without using a crap-ton of wax, gel and hairspray. No scratch that – most of them are flat out impossible. I’ll just stop talking now and let the pictures paint the words in your mind… (Disagree with me? Let’s take this argument to the comments!)

The “Please Fan Me” Hair (One Piece)

Talk about intimidating, right? I haven’t seen One Piece and I’ve only read around up to chapter 50~, and so far I’m enjoying it. But is this really what’s in store for me… some dude who waxes up his hair into a fan to blow fear into his enemies? I bet his special move goes something like this:

“I will destroy you… by giving you bursts of cold air from my awesome, spectacular, beautiful fan hair! GOMU GOMU HAIR BURST!”

Dreadlocks Gone Wrong (Danganronpa)

From one of my favourite visual novels of all time comes one of the worst dreadlock hairstyles of all time. Even the guy is mortified! Just look at his face. That’s the face of someone who walks out of the salon and knows they screwed up. I would know from personal experience. Let’s just not even talk about that and admire this… thing. I just have to wonder what it smells like, and how frizzy it would actually be in real life.

I have no idea… Just wut? (Final Fantasy X)

Okay so this isn’t really from an anime, but I thought I’d put it here. This guy’s hair frequently ranks among the worst video game hairstyles, and it doesn’t take half a brain to realize why. It’s not even hair (where are the spiky strands that I loved from Cloud and Zack)! He should be ashamed for single-handedly destroying the reputation that Final Fantasy has for amazing visuals and graphics. Oh and if you ever hear his voice*… Well, I won’t even go there.

*I’m referring to the English dub. Haven’t heard the Japanese version.

Twin-Turbo CurlsXtreme (Pokemon Heroes)

Must have taken her ages to do that. In real life I bet her hair would be dead from all the heat she uses from the hair curler. If she wore it like any normal girl did she would be kind of pretty, but I’m afraid she’s stuck in this list. Sorry, whoever you are. It’s not personal.

On a side note, how cool would it be to stuff some speakers in between there? She could be the living boombox, the walking DJ, the possibilities are endless.

Pretty Much Every Main Character from Yu-Gi-Oh (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

So I pretty much grew up on watching this show. I’d wake up at 7am, all hip and stuff because I was 7 years old, turn on Channel 7 and then watch it. I don’t know why everything has to do with the number seven but it must be a bad omen because these guys really, really use overdose on all their hairstyles. Yugi has got three dyes going on, looking fresh out of the salon like someone zapped his hair with electricity or some kind of voltage. Jaden’s got a weird bowl-cut mixed with long hair that I am not digging, and then he tops it off, quite literally, with a lighter shade of brown dye. But hey, at least they’re cool, right guys?

And that’s the end of the list (so far, anyway). If I feel like it I could make another post since I have a few more hairstyles in mind, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’ll be following it up with my favourite personal hairstyles soon too. Did I miss anything? Feel free (and please do!) comment. I like reading what you have to say.

Until next time!

(P.S – The Baby Steps review that I said I was “incoming” has been postponed. Its score is around a 7 in my mind, if you’re wondering.)


12 thoughts on “The Worst Hairstyles In Anime Fashion

  1. Anime characters are indeed guilty of sporting awful gravity defying hairdos. Then again I cannot complain as I am virtually bald.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Certainly it does get ridiculous at times. Nothing wrong with bald people complaining though – I’d rather be bald than have those dreadlocks. In fact I might be joining you soon since my family has a history of baldness 😀


  2. What’s funny is that I’ve seen lots of these hairstyles in my time in Japan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And here I was, thinking they were impossible. (lol)


      • Yep, at least that hairdo in the GIF is a real thing. It’s called the regent style in Japan. It’s also known as yankee style, which is better identified as pompadour in the west. How they keep their hair like that is kind of a mystery to me.

        I highly agree with the Yu-Gi-Oh! hairstyles. They’re ridiculous, but at the same time I find them cool. Lolwhut. But then again, ‘worst’ doesn’t always equate to ‘atrocious’.


      • I still find them cool as well haha. But for me, it’s because of nostalgia. Can’t beat it. Only thing is I watched the terrible 4Kids dub. -.-‘

        I also had no idea that the hairstyle in the GIF was a real thing! I mean it sure looked more normal than the others, but I don’t know anyone who can do their hair like that haha. I’m not a fan of it either…


      • Yep. If you watched Slam Dunk, you’d notice that Sakuragi initially sported that kind of hairstyle.


  3. Hahahaha oh my gosh I laughed so much because of ‘Dreadlocks gone wrong’ xDD
    There’s always that one character with ‘that’ kind of hairstyle xD


  4. Ahahaha! Hilarious post. I kind of disagree, though. I don’t think that these are “worst” hairstyles. I think they’re kind of cute. But if I imagine this hairstyles in “real” life, well, I get what you mean. But since this is anime, I think they’re cool.

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    • Thanks :3
      Haha yeah, from an anime perspective, these hairstyles are pretty much the norm. Especially in the shounen genre, where these types of styles appeal to a wide audience.

      Real life is a totally different story though, and I guess I based my post on this. Maybe I should have mentioned that, sorry 😀 good thought though. I still have a lot to learn -_-

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s alright. I just wrote down what I thought. But you’re right, this kind of hairstyles are pretty much the norm, especially in the shounen genre. It seems that the hairstyles need to be as ridiculous as possible to stand out, right? I can just imagine how these hairstyles will look in “real” life. If it’s cosplay, then it’s alright, but if people wear these regularly, oh well.

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